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    Electronic trade site IITP-Trade

    IITP-Trade is the system that holds electronic tenders and makes deals on-line on the special resource. This service speeds up the process of interaction between sellers and purchasers.

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    Technologies applied to the System

    The system uses modern, fail-safe server technologies. Users can work in the System by installing the application ChequeNote on their computers.

    To make work with the System comfortable for users up-to-date technologies are applied.

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    On-line payments between the System participants

    The Electronic Payment System ChequePay (hereinafter – the System) grants an opportunity to make instant payments between companies and individuals. It takes no more than 10 seconds to make a transfer. As a result this allows to reduce the risk of nonpayment.

  • 2.

    Electronic circulation of source documents

    While making operations the System automatically forms all the required documents on-line such as notifications, source documents under the operations and other electronic documents in PDF format. All the documents comply with accounting rules and can be printed at any time.

  • 3.

    Securing and electronic signature

    The System allows to provide a legally sound electronic document flow and to guarantee a lawfully sufficient operations with checks and operations in trading due to the electronic signature applied in accordance with the federal law of the Russian Federation “About electronic signature”.

    The System ensures reliable protection of confidential information, personal data and encryption of communication links